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Julia Buckroyd Consulting

Julia Buckroyd Consulting is Julia’s private practice in which she works therapeutically with people who are puzzled and distressed by their eating behaviour. You may be someone who is bulimic, someone who binges or someone who eats compulsively. You may have come to be completely terrified by food. You may be an ordinary size, very underweight or overweight. You may be so upset by your appearance (realistically or not) that your life is affected by your worries. You may self-harm because of your distress. You may be contemplating bariatric surgery or you may have already undergone it.
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Discuss a positive future with Julia at her practice

Fountain Court, 2 Victoria Square, St. Albans, AL1 3TF
Tel: 07751 884748

It's really good – wish I had done something like this years ago. Would have saved lots of problems and money. Christina
Kensington Medical Chambers
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Therapeutic style

Both of Prof. Buckroyd’s initial trainings were psychoanalytic and she remains convinced about the importance of the influence of the past on the present. However, over many years of practising she has learned a great deal about other therapeutic styles and methods. She would now describe herself as an integrative or pluralist therapist. She uses the theories and strategies that seem most likely to work for you. In that mix she includes cognitive therapies.
For further information about Julia's private practice including fees visit her website or click here.

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