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Julia Buckroyd Training

JBT is the training arm of Julia Buckroyd Consulting and is Julia’s way of contributing to the growth and development of the counselling and social care professionals.
JBT offers high quality evidence based CPD for counsellors, therapists, health and social care professionals and other interested parties. Our aim is to provide highly qualified and experienced practitioners as trainers who have a strong specialist identity to enable delegates to keep abreast of the latest thinking and developments in counselling, health and social care. For example perhaps you are a teacher involved in the pastoral care of your pupils – it might well be of advantage to you to know more about current thinking on self harm or disordered eating. Perhaps you are a therapist working in an agency – you might want to know about the latest developments in working with depression. JBT is here to respond to your training needs and to offer you evidence based high quality workshops.
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Spring 2013 has seen a further development of JBT with an increasing demand for corporate training. Care UK is the latest major organisation for whom Julia has provided specialist training.  Their professional healthcare workers have benefited from a bespoke 3 day course providing an insight into the psychological understanding of emotional eating. The staff of Burrswood Christian Hospital have undertaken intensive training in eating disorders, in order to provide a sound knowledge base for their staff when caring for patients either pre or post bariatric surgery. They are now offering a complete package to clients incorporating the UYE Programme. The counsellors of Lighter Life, the well known slimming organisation, have also benefited from Julia’s training. This has enhanced their knowledge of the psychological aspects of compulsive and binge eating when dealing with their specific client group.
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For details of all our training events for Counsellors, Health and Education Professionals click here or visit our website

"Good value for money" Corporate client feedback.
‘I feel ‘fed’ and that the dots have been joined up in my knowledge and understanding’ Trainee
Kensington Medical Chambers