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Understanding your Eating

The Understanding Your Eating Programme is designed for people who are aware that their over-eating is driven by emotions rather than hunger. It does not offer dieting or exercise advice or products, since it is based on the assumption that the vast majority of those who are overweight or suffer from disordered eating know what it is that they should be doing. The problem lies in doing it and in continuing to do it for the future. Further information about the Programme is available on our website We maintain a network of fully trained Licensed Practitioners throughout the country who are able to offer the Programme to individuals or in group settings. Professor Buckroyd also offers online sessions for those overseas or with problems accessing a Licensed Practitioner locally.
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For Counsellors and Health and Social Care Professionals who wish to train as Licensed Practitioners we hold two training sessions per year in London and Edinburgh. The training consists of an initial 2 day training course plus one day of self study delivering the Introduction to Understanding Your Eating followed approximately six months later by a further 4 day course (2 x 2 day weekends) on the Understanding Your Eating Modules.
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For further information about this training see the website
Julia’s latest book is Understanding Your Eating: How to eat and not worry about it and is available from Amazon.

Most interesting course I have had the good fortune to attend
Brilliant – a lovely group – thank you
Great course!
Has been enlightening, safe and inspirational. Julia is a truly inspiring facilitator. I feel enthused and empowered.
This has truly been life changing in all sorts of ways. It has been a privilege to have had the experience.
Comments from Licensed Practitioner trainees
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